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  1. Disclaimer #1 : This is going to be long. Please bear with me on this.

    Hi Rupam and Team Loaferr

    I recently met an old friend over coffee and she got me talking about my latest travel diaries. Things like places I have been to in the year 2015 and my learnings and experiences from them. That put me in quite a fix as I as any normal human being, am in a deep relationship with my bed. Not just any bed but the bed I go to every night. Which means my geographical presence in 2015, like most years before that, were limited to Delhi. That didn’t bode well for me in the cafe for my travel enthusiast friend was almost literally on my face after that revelation. What I failed to understand was how a person could get so riled up at this confession. I like being home and enjoy the warmth of my sweet little home.

    Well the entire point of this story was how the conversation lead to your idea of being a Loaferr. She was very excited about the idea that you guys are working on and how it could change the very concept of travel. She then went on for an hour about travel and experiences after that. That is a story for some other day.

    Now I would like to talk about that things that I came here to talk about. Being lazybones, I resist the idea of travel. Not that I desist it though. I have some queries regarding your idea.

    Disclaimer #2: I like your idea. I am just being the lazy me.

    1. From what I understood about your idea you guys want to bring together people with common travel ideologies or even not so common travel ideologies on a platform to discuss travel plans and get on board. Also i understand that these people can get together for a common trip and have helluva fun. What I am worried about is how do you keep shady people away. As in the woman hunters away. Some guy faking enthusiasm to get on the bandwagon just to be with girls. Or guys may be.
    Do you take accountability for any such incident (God forbid)

    2. Are you guys planning on launching a site and app like the normal travel sites or you are also going to sprinkle some of your Loaferr flavour into these?


    David Bathari
    Travel Non Enthusiast ( Hoping to crossover to the other side soon)

  2. Hi David, Thanks much for this :) Will be mailing on your id. Catch up there.

  3. Ola Rupam,

    Have you ever been stuck in an hour long traffic jam? Helps to get a perspective of how one is positioned in the larger scheme of things.

    Well Hello! How are you buddy?

    I loved hearing back from you. After going through your mail I did a bit of research on travel reservations of my close friends and almost all of them agreed on the idea of loaferring around. (I don’t know if that made any sense)

    Anyways, the thing is few of my buddys liked your idea and insisted that we test it out. But I guess you guys are still working on your platform and might take some time before loaferr, as a complete entity, comes out of the bag.

    I will keep visiting the site. Kindly keep me updated about your launch date and all. Hoping to hearing from you people soon.

    Till then take care and keep the good work going.


    David Bathari

    Disclaimer : Traffic jams are important once in a while. Powerful tool for holiday makers to advance their cause.

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