Why travelling the wrong way is the right way

Feeling alive means different things to different people. For some, it is the feeling of freedom and adrenaline rush while for others it is being carefree for a few moments in the completely distressing world around. For me, de-stressing is synonymous to music.

But when the music comes with a car, a few lenses, a backpack, that’s when I truly feel alive.

Sometimes I wonder what if I had never taken that leap of faith (Translation = leap out of the bed) to go on that trip where I fell in love with waves. I would have probably never discovered that one just does not rely on a beach shack for a towel.


What if I never lost the way to my destination and got stuck at that dead end with a church? I would have never known that losing your way could lead you to one of the most romantic 15 minutes of your life (Err… no not that… but you may take your chances).

What if the perfect mixed tape that I had in the car, actually worked? I wouldn’t have realized how much fun it is to sing your favourite songs out loud (in ridiculous decibels that only dogs can hear).


What if I didn’t miss that inter-state one hour flight? I would have never known how to explain the words “chicken noodles” to a hawker (who hasn’t heard of the English language) at a crowded bus stop in an unknown city miles away from my country.

What if I had learnt that country’s language before landing up there? I would have never experienced what it is like to be chased out of a souvenir store by an angry mob. Apparently what I thought was “hello” was actually the “F” word and I said it with a huge smile on my face. Imagine the impact. I am lucky to be alive.


What if I got off at the right station? I would have never known how peaceful it is to listen to an old man talk about his day out with his grandchildren while waiting for another train and sharing a bagel and coffee.

railway station
What if I had carried that umbrella expecting it to rain? I would have missed the hot cup of cutting chai and jalebi, completely drenched and shivering.

What if I had taken my camera along? I would have probably never made an attempt to preserve the memory of a hundred lanterns lighting up the night sky.

Life will give you a million reasons to do things right. But sometimes, a little wrong can make you feel more alive than all the rights in the world. And travelling to great experiences sometimes is via those wrong roads.


About the Author:

Deea is a wanderer, traveller, stuck in a day job’s body but setting out free at every opportunity she gets. New sights, a hot cup of art and good food get her high.


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