Why being a loaferr is about being happy again

We live in a country with a low happiness quotient. We all need more of this emotion called happiness. And what gives us happiness is friends, endless conversations, travel to name a few things that top the list.

Your friends and you hitting the roads with music in your ears, wind in your hair and yummylicious food through the way. Taking those roads less taken, experiencing the joy of exploring and discovery. You can make life interesting, exciting, adventurous and happy.

We decided to come up with something that enables people like us to indulge in this luxury called happiness. Something that is not about itineraries and pre-planned packages because we know that money can’t buy you happiness.

We at Needle Innovision founded ‘Loaferr’ with a commitment to contribute towards increasing the happiness quotient. Loaferr was born from a vision to utilize small information to make a bigger and positive impact to enhance the happiness quotient.

Loaferr explores a new dimension in travel, by converting a simple conversation to a happy journey with friends. Travel isn’t always is not about saving money for a trip; it is more about saving memories from a trip. We at Loaferr believe that happiness comes from recognizing and appreciating what we already have. Loaferr aims to convert the online fixation into happy offline interactions. All of this can be powered to a reality on the next holiday simply using the Loaferr app.

How Loaferr works?

You can make a wish to visit a place or select an already explored trail. You then get your friends to decide when you wish to travel and how. What’s next? Get your car, bike, bicycle or you could choose to burn some extra calories by walking it.

A Loaferr trail could be about wine tasting in Sula Vineyards in Nashik, trekking on a nearby hill, relishing the Punjabi cuisine at the highway dhaba or discovering the monsoon trails around your city.

So hit the road with friends and let the destination find you. Be an explorer, be a Loaferr!

Plan everything you need for your next happy road trip with Loaferr. To stay tuned subscribe to keep talking to us.


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