When today doesn’t seem to be great enough, imagine, let your mind fly, think of things seemingly impossible at the moment. Because in those impossible moments you might just find yourself again.


1. When you wake up

Waking up to this little fella pulling


2. Something sweet to start your day.

A guilt free, lazy & rich breakfast

3. Taking her for a spin

Taking her for a morning spin. Wind in

4.  A never ending lunch time

Lunch at this new place unbound by your

5. Hungry more?

You are still hungty. Just munch on

6. A lazy evening

Chai, cookies, the smell of a new book &

7. That sunset & the evening that goes on

A free, new sunset, the smell of tulips,

8. Romance in the air

This new place, with you looking into

9. Calling it a day. Under the open sky. Good night.

The sky as your roof, when you call it a

Did you just day or night dream about these?

Well then you just imagined a very happy day of your life :)

Loaferr is something we are making with a lot of love, just to give you these moments of raw happiness, away from the grind of your day to day life, by simply being on the road. While all of our lifetime cannot be like this (we need to get into the grind too), we promise to make at least most of your days like this one here.

This isn’t a marketing message. I do want to connect personally with each of you. Just to see how can we bring in more happiness, the Loaferr way. So if this touches a chord of your happy soul, do connect with us by just sending in your mail id below. And I will be there talking nineteen to the dozen with you, soon!


  Happy go lucky CEO, & a loaferr.


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